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 Some Info About My Blog:

-about 80% of my posts are queued to post every 2 hours from 10am to 10pm PST
-text posts and asks are often deleted after a day or two
-if you would like to block my personal text posts, please savior the tag "mk personal"
-I try to tag triggers - please send me a message if I fail to do so, and I will remedy that asap
-do not repost my personal photos!!! I will not hesitate to report you if you do
-I ask that you please do not reblog my personal photos onto pro-ana blogs or tag them as thinspiration or anything related - it makes me uncomfortable

Regarding Sponsorships:

I am always happy to do sponsored reviews for your shop.
However, I will not advertise for you before having seen your product(s) in person - I do not feel it is ethical.
If you would like to discuss a sponsorship opportunity, please email me: mintkismet@gmail.com
Frequently Asked Questions

These are things I get asked a lot. If you have a question, check here first to see if I’ve answered it already!

How did you and your boyfriend meet?
He was an exchange student at my university in fall 2011. I used to volunteer at the ESL program (and then worked there) and speak Japanese, so I tend to meet all the Japanese exchange students at some point. We really first got to know each other at a Japanese transfer student’s (who is a friend of mine) takoyaki party haha.

Do you have any advice for long distance relationships?
Answered here!

Can I see a picture of you and your boyfriend?
is the tag for my boyfriend. It includes plenty of pictures of us together! (and for comedic relief, the quotes from boyfran tag.)

I want to teach myself Japanese - what do you recommend?
Personally, I’m not self-taught, other than learning vocabulary/practicing on my own. I’ve taken university-level classes for 4 and half years at a program that is considered one of the best in the region. I also studied in Japan for 2 months.

If you want to start teaching yourself, the book series we used in first and second year was called “Yokoso”, and I really liked it. Lots of people recommend “Genki”, which I’ve looked through, but I prefer “Yokoso” myself.
Japanese is hard and takes a LOT of dedication if you want to become fluent (which I am still nowhere near - I’m maybe JLPT N2 level?) - you really have to be serious about it if you want to get anywhere past basic competency.

Where do you get your clothes?
In America: mostly Forever21 and H&M
In Japan: Liz Lisa, Ank Rouge, axes femme, Honeys, Shimamura, Tutuanna for legwear and lingerie

How do you afford all your clothes?
Some are gifts, some I’ve had for a very long time (I haven’t changed sizes in a good 10 years or so), and the rest I work very hard for!

How tall are you/what are your measurements/how much do you weigh?
I am 165cm. My measurements are 79-61-85, plus or minus a centimeter or two depending on the day. I don’t know how much I weigh because I don’t own a scale, nor do I care. 

Do you have any diet/exercise/weight loss tips?
Other than “eat healthy, be active”, no. My body type is simply naturally thin, so I have no tips. I actually have a lot of trouble keeping weight on and have seen nutritionists for help.
Please note: I will not answer any questions asking about my daily diet, etc. I do not have an eating disorder, and questions like that honestly make me very uncomfortable.

What is your skincare routine?
The biggest thing that cleared up my fairly bad acne was going on birth control! It’s seriously a godsend.
I also moisturize like crazy - every single time my face gets wet. I currently use Olay’s facial lotion for sensitive skin.
In addition, I use Neutrogena “Fresh Foaming Cleanser” in the shower and St. Ives Apricot Scrub twice a week (very gently!) to exfoliate. After I get out of the shower, I splash my face with cold water to close the pores.

You often post about your struggles with a sleep disorder - what are you diagnosed with?
My official diagnosis is idiopathic organic hypersomnia. It means I often uncontrollably sleep up to 18 hours a day, have extreme difficulty in waking up (“sleep drunkenness”), and am sleepy literally all the time.
I have had symptoms for at least 7 or 8 years, but I was only recently diagnosed because it simply got too difficult for me to attend school, hold a job, have normal relationships, and so on.
It is a serious lifelong illness with no known cure. Treatment consists of a very strong stimulant-like drug combined with actual stimulants, but my body unfortunately hasn’t responded very well to it. Hopefully more research happens in the next few years that will improve my life and eventually find a cure!
You can read about my experience with being diagnosed here

Will you follow me?
I follow very few blogs (just over 100), so don’t count on it. But if you follow me, I’ll definitely try check out your blog and follow if I like it! I’m just very picky.

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