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 Name» Danielle/エリ (Eri)/phen
Age» 25
Location» Oregon, USA
Personality» INTJ, Ravenclaw, Pisces
Likes» Cute stuff, fashion (lolita, gyaru, otome, etc.), Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma, music (esp. An Cafe), art, traveling, reading (favorite authors include Haruki Murakami and Philip K. Dick), pugs, jellyfish, sweets, watching Supernatural, Project Runway, and America's Next Top Model

Hi, I'm Danielle. I work part-time at a non-profit social services organization as a data entry/administrative assistant. I recently moved to Portland with my boyfriend of 2+ years while he pursues an American degree to compliment his Japanese BA~

Please read my FAQ before asking me any questions!
I’m more than happy to answer pretty much anything else – ask me with your username (non-anon) if you’d like the reply to be private.

I’m pretty friendly (although a little bit awkward), so feel free to chat with me anytime! I’m always happy to meet people with similar interests~

Some Info About My Blog:

-about 80% of my posts are queued to post every 3 hours from 1pm to 9pm PST
-text posts and asks are often deleted after a day or two
-if you would like to block my personal text posts, please savior the tag "mk personal"
-I try to tag triggers - please send me a message if I fail to do so, and I will remedy that asap
-do not repost my personal photos!!! I will not hesitate to report you if you do
-I ask that you please do not reblog my personal photos onto pro-ana blogs or tag them as thinspiration - it makes me uncomfortable

I’m so in love with Ank Rouge’s current collection it’s not even funny ;_;

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