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Oh wow…this is definitely the craziest/worst thing I’ve had to deal with at work yet.

A Japanese student whose English is not good at all came in today almost in tears. I had helped him before with translating at the health center, so we knew each other a bit.
Anyway, needless to say, I got called over to translate.
Turns out, his two Chinese roommates have been bullying him, and this weekend, $150 of his went missing, so he finally spilled about it.
I helped him file a police report, explained the situation to our care coordinator and housing coordinator, and our housing coordinator assistant helped him move to a new apartment.
He just messaged me on Facebook telling me his (ex) roommate just sent him a threat via messaging. He doesn’t have a phone right now, so he can’t call the assistant who helped earlier, so now I need to go do that because I’m legitimately worried for him…

It’s unfortunately very obvious that they’re bullying him because he’s Japanese. And it is so sad that now they’re poisoning his view of Chinese people - he told me that he used to like Chinese people before this.

Thank god our center director is fluent in Chinese, because this is going to be a tough situation for him to deal with when it comes to these two guys.

  1. littledemonpixie said: (Thanks to tumblr, I’m reading backwards) This is terrible. As if bullying in Japan isn’t enough. I hope things get better. And I’m glad that you are there to help him translate! Best of luck to him and you!
  2. arieslilith said: That poor guy )8 I feel terrible for him…
  3. dickcloaks said: how terrible, poor guy
  4. mintkismet posted this
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