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 Some Info About My Blog:

-about 80% of my posts are queued to post every 2 hours from 10am to 10pm PST
-text posts and asks are often deleted after a day or two
-if you would like to block my personal text posts, please savior the tag "mk personal"
-I try to tag triggers - please send me a message if I fail to do so, and I will remedy that asap
-do not repost my personal photos!!! I will not hesitate to report you if you do
-I ask that you please do not reblog my personal photos onto pro-ana blogs or tag them as thinspiration or anything related - it makes me uncomfortable

Regarding Sponsorships:

I am always happy to do sponsored reviews for your shop.
However, I will not advertise for you before having seen your product(s) in person - I do not feel it is ethical.
If you would like to discuss a sponsorship opportunity, please email me: mintkismet@gmail.com

stuff from birthday shopping yesterday~

top left: all Forever21
top right: all H&M
mid left: navy blazer from F21, mint and tan blazers from H&M
mid right: all H&M
bottom left: all F21
bottom right: from Sephora

  1. littledemonpixie said: Uuggghhh!! I wanna go shopping with you!!! I miss clothes!! *sobs*
  2. blossom-street said: Your Forever 21 has a lot of cute stuff I haven’t seen at mine! They even just expanded their store to be two floors of our mall!
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